Charlie Jacoby

• freelance writer • broadcaster • editor •

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: 13th September 1967
Nationality: British
Education: 1980 to 1985, Sherborne School
Married, three children
Address: c/o Frontline, 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ
Tel: 07850 195353

Career highlights

• Wrote and published a history of The East India Club
• Currently advising on the launch and relaunch of two country magazines
• Won a presenter role for the launch of
• Asked to audition as presenter for a Discovery Channel history series (13 x 1 hour)
• Larry Coady's book The Lost Canoe about Charlie's 2002 Labrador trip published in Canada
• Visited St Lucia for several UK magazines
• Currently editing and writing for country magazines, writing about property for magazines and newspapers including
The Jewish Chronicle and broadcasting about royals for the BBC

• Under Charlie's editorship, Sporting Rifle magazine launches on the newsstand and is quickly taken by both WHSmith and Tesco
• Wrote and produced a bookazine about rifle shooting for
Sporting Shooter magazine
• Visited Morocco for several UK magazines

• Jewish Chronicle February property supplement hits 56 pages, up from 16 pages when started with Charlie writing the editorial in 1997
• Giants of Patagonia, filmed in 2005, airs on the History Channel in the USA in April, in the UK in 2007. Click here for what the audience said in the History Channel chatroom - or read these:
"IMO it was the combo of Josh and Charlie that just had me all but snarking tonight (though I'd never actually snark...not lady like...and if you believe that ...)! Josh is funny on his own - but those two together! The banter & their different but equally humorous styles! Oh I'll miss Charlie! He needs to be the co-host if ever there is one! Priceless!"
"I think they would make a good team, even if it were only on an occasional basis. They seemed to have a good chemistry (no, not implying anything untoward)."
"I am weeping buckets!... Just keep thinking "sloth/sloth" with varying accents - that'll keep a smile on your face...and don't eat any chocolate"
"I loved watching Josh with Charlie Jacoby, maybe they should chase down Little Foot and El Chupacabra together!"
"That'd be great, I'd love to see what they'd find. Even if they didn't find anything the pictures of the area and he and Charlie together again would be enough for me."
• Wrote and produced a bookazine about dogs for Sporting Shooter magazine 

• Given the job as principal presenter's friend, working with presenter Simon McCoy, for BBC TV News during the wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles, broadcasting live from Windsor. Two clips: 3.8Mb wmv file or 17.2Mb avi file / 3.9Mb wmv file or 20.3Mb avi file
• Other jobs for the BBC as royal expert include Radio Five Live, Asian Network, Radio Wales and local stations, commenting on news including the death of Lord Lichfield and the run of TV docu-dramas about the royals
• Working with
The Times newspaper, helped overturn the UK Government's new rules on pest control. Click here to see coverage (335k) - or here to go to The Times website coverage
• Fronted the
Sporting Shooter campaign to save songbirds by destroying magpies. Launched in the The Sunday Telegraph, it included appearances on Radio 4’s Today programme (8.1Mb wav file - or listen to this BBC Realplayer file), Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine programme (6.7Mb wav file), Five Live (11.4Mb wav file), commercial channels, local BBC television (7.5Mb), local newspapers and UK Press Gazette
• Appointed editor of Sporting Rifle magazine
• The Scotsman publishes flattering article. Click here to read it
• Visited Newfoundland for several UK magazines
• Went as principal expert to South America with the History Channel series Digging for the Truth, presented by Josh Bernstein and directed by Priya Ramasubban. In a programme called Giants of Patagonia, the job was to show viewers that the giant sloth may still exist. 

• Sporting Shooter broke monthly sales target of 14,000 within six months and made an operational profit within 12 months
• Jewish Chronicle property supplements remained at six per year but the September New Year issue hit 36 pages
• Recorded interview with BBC Breakfast about royal butlers
• Gave talk to MPs at House of Commons about the future of shooting
• Recorded package for BBC Radio Four Today programme about wild boar in Britain and fed the wild boar story to The Sunday Telegraph
• Publishing group Archant buys Romsey Publishing at a price reflecting the growth and success of Sporting Shooter magazine. Left Romsey Publishing to pursue freelance career, including working for Sporting Shooter

• Live interviews for BBC News 24 television and BBC World television from St James's Palace about the royal butler scandal
• Wrote about Charles Jacoby of Detroit's Jewish "Purple Gang", allegedly behind the St Valentine's Day Massacre, for the Jewish Chronicle. Click here to read it
• On behalf of Shooting Times, recorded first interview with Clive Betts MP after The Sun revealed his researcher was his gay lover
• Visited Lithuania for Shooting Times
• Went to Norway for Fall Line Skiing magazine
• Sold to the Daily Mirror the story of the man on the London train from Edinburgh on which the food had run out, who ordered an Indian takeaway to be delivered to the platform at Peterborough
• Appointed launch editor of Sporting Shooter magazine, a new specialist consumer title aimed at shooters, by Romsey Publishing
• Gave talk to Royal Geographical Society about Labrador, with other members of the expedition

• Frequent use by BBC as royal expert, including reporting from Windsor Castle for BBC Breakfast television during Queen Mother's funeral, presenter's friend during the two-hour Golden Jubilee celebrations show from Buckingham Palace for BBC Radio Five Live with Jane Garvey, and studio interview for BBC News 24
• Crossed the interior of Labrador in the sub-Arctic in the footsteps of Hesketh Prichard with Dr Larry Coady's six-week Canadian Royal Geographical Society expedition. Click here for proposal for a film about this journey (9.4Mb wmv file)
• Wrote up this trip for the Daily Express, Shooting Times and for Shooting Gazette
• Wrote the foreword to En El Corazon de la Patagonia by Hesketh Prichard (Zagier & Urruty, Buenos Aires)
• Wrote the text for the United Nations Environment Programme's Elements photographs book
• Produced the website for Stalking magazine
• Visited the IWA hunting show in Nuremberg for The Countryman's Weekly, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette
• Snapshots column produced regular flow of stories to the nationals, including Dartford-fox-bites-baby for the Evening Standard, the first of the recent run of fox-bites-baby stories

• The Daily Express publishes giant sloth conclusions. Click here to read it [1.4Mb]
• Started the popular Snapshots diary column in Shooting Times
• As property editor for the Jewish Chronicle, its new homes pull-out supplements reach 32 pages, six times a year
• Produced websites for photographers Max Milligan and Malcolm MacGregor, and for Wellington Tile
• Worked for
• Appointed deputy London bureau chief for

• Sold to (became internet "hundredaire")
• Under Intron's auspices designed and managed the online presence of The Countryman's Weekly magazine
• Worked at MIPIM in Cannes, France, on MIPIM News
• Worked for websites including and
• Spent a month in Patagonia for the Daily Express looking for the giant sloth, in the footsteps of the explorer Hesketh Prichard. Click here to see preview piece from the Daily Express [1.2Mb]

• Started writing for Corporate Location magazine, DC magazine, Green Farm Natural Health Magazine, The Field
• Contributed to a book about offices, published by Estates Gazette
• Started writing and designing web pages, including producing and running UK gundealers' directory

• Appointed property writer for The European - the appointment immediately won The European a single property advertising deal worth £28,000
• Worked as sub-editor for Fall Line skiing magazine
• Started writing for Fall Line with responsibility for its Tirol skiing supplements
• Worked for other titles include Country Life, Horse & Hound, Homes Overseas, Cage & Aviary Birds, Shooting Gazette, Farmers Weekly, BBC Wildlife

• As well as full-time duties at Shooting Times, started writing for the Daily Express, Sunday Express, The Sunday Times, Golf Monthly, Property Field
• Undertook TV and radio appearances for Shooting Times during the Government bills to ban handguns and Mike Foster MP's private member's bill to ban foxhunting
• Took two-month sabbatical from Shooting Times to work on a travel magazine proposal Big Trip for IPC Magazines' special projects department
• Left Shooting Times to go freelance
• Appointed property correspondent of the Jewish Chronicle and to help develop its property supplements, of which it then published one a year
• Edited and produced A Family Pack: A History of Hunting in West Somerset, published by the Chipstable Hunt Committee.

• Launch in June of In Search of Will Carling, by Charles Jacoby, published by Simon & Schuster - it became a top ten non-fiction bestseller in South Africa
• Started working for several magazines in connection with the launch of In Search of Will Carling, including Land Rover Owner in the UK and Wiel in South Africa
• Undertook author tour of South Africa and UK including TV and radio appearances to promote the book
• Appointed news editor of Shooting Times
• Launched a magazine production consultancy, Jacoby Associates
• Started working for magazines including Green Futures (run by Jonathon Porritt)
• Contributed to A Guide to Relocation, published by Commission for New Towns.

• Wrote the "Striker" angling column in The East Africa Standard for three months, while in Kenya
• Back in London, became deputy editor of Living France magazine
• Started writing for Rugby World, Europroperty and Shooting Times magazines
• Given a monthly column to write in Shooting Times, Jacoby at Large

• Started writing for Geographical magazine
• Packaged and published a 192-page illustrated history of the London Society of Rugby Football Union Referees
• Received the Longford Commercial Property Young Journalist of the Year award
• Started to write a column, Jacoby at Large, for Salmon & Trout
• Commissioned to drive from London to the Rugby World Cup in South Africa, May 1995, and write a book about the trip for publisher Simon & Schuster.

• Became features editor for picture agency JS Library International
• Started writing for Distribution Business magazine, The Valuer, Jewish Chronicle and Salmon & Trout
• Became staff journalist for Estates Gazette for 11 months
• Received the IBP Young Property Journalist of the Year award.

• Formed Skate Features to sell picture features to magazines
• Worked on environment stories for Daily Telegraph and feature articles for Evening Standard and Mail on Sunday
• Copywriter on "Shadows", the De Beers advertising campaign and for the BBC
• Wrote two books, The Royal Family Almanac and The Alternative Cocktail Almanac for Lochar Publishing.

• Received a highly commended award, in the best newcomer section, at the ISVA Property Journalist of the Year Awards
• Started writing for PR clients such as Gilbert Doyle and SGL

• Ghostwrote the UK top-ten bestselling non-fiction book Elizabeth R: The Lichfield Selection for Transworld Doubleday
• Formed The Hazardous Publishing Company to publish The Party Animal's Handbook
• Started working for Estates Times as freelance feature writer with occasional news stories
• Started writing for Nigel Dempster, Majesty magazine and Royalty Monthly

• Ghostwrote the UK top-ten bestselling non-fiction book Queen Mother: The Lichfield Selection for Transworld Doubleday
• Wrote, designed and illustrated the book Bridleways of Britain for Ward Lock
• Edited Three Hundred Years of Foxhunting in South & West Wiltshire by Brigadier JRI Platt
• Became deputy editor of Berkswell's The Royal Year magazine.

1986 to 1987
Worked for Marie-Claire magazine in Paris
• Worked for London publishing company Antler Books, editing, picture-researching and arranging production of book projects including Snaffles by John Wellcome and Rupert Collens, Photographic Printing by Gene Nocon, and Kensington & Chelsea by Annabel Walker
• Started writing feature articles for syndication agent Camera Press.


Charlie Jacoby
c/o Frontline
13 Norfolk Place
London W2 1QJ, UK
Tel: 07850 195353
From abroad, tel: +44 78 50 19 53 53
Skype: charliejacoby


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[BBC coverage of the 2005 royal wedding: Prince Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles -
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[1.4Mb jpeg of the
Daily Express giant sloth story]

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Sporting Shooter 2005 campaign to save songbirds by destroying magpies - 2.8Mb wmv file or 7.5Mb avi file

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